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Windows Vista password
parkwayma Post broj: 1 - Utorak, 04.07.17, 12:50
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I lost my Windows Vista password and I can not log in. I tried to Google the methods and I found an easy and reliable way, so I want to share with you here.

Route for How to change Vista password if you have another Administrator account

1. "Control Panel" -> "User Accounts" -> "Manage another account"
2. Select the account which password you forgot and want to reset.
3. Choose "Remove the password" or "Create the password" from left menu.
4. Confirm as the windows guides you.
change vista password
How to change Vista password if you lost password

If you lost vista password and want to change the password, then you have to try Password Recovery Windows to change admin Vista password.
Here is the guide step by step, users need to install Password Manager App firstly. Take Password Genius Professional as example, :

Step 1: Download and Install Password Genius Professional on any accessible computer.

Step 2: Select one from three options - Files and Archives, Database and Windows

Recover Passwords for Files and Archives – Password recovery for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, RAR, ZIP, PDF

Recover Passwords for Databases – Password recovery for Access database

Remove Windows Administrator and User Passwords – Reset Windows password to be empty

1. Take the third option as example, select "Remove Windows Administrator and User passwords"

three password recovery options for choice

2. When Windows Password Recovery appears, click it and begin Windows password reset process.

choose windows password recovery

Step 3: Insert bootable USB device into computer and click "Begin burning" to create a USB password reset disk.

burning usb device

Step 4: Insert bootable USB reset disk into locked computer, and press "F2" or "DEl" to set computer boot from USB drive.

set computer boot from usb

Step 5: When Windows password reset screen appears, just choose "Windows and target user" you want to reset its password. And click on "Reset Password" button and "Yes".

Besides password reset, you could also create new administrator without login with "Add User" option in Windows Password Genius program.

set computer boot from usb

Step 6: Click "Reboot" button and exit USB flash drive to restart computer normally.

Now Windows password has been reset for your locked computer, you can select the user to login computer.

joedoe Post broj: 2 - Subota, 08.07.17, 23:47
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mujo6940 Post broj: 3 - Nedjelja, 10.09.17, 20:54
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Forum » OSTALO » Tema Forum-a o svemu i svacemu.. » Windows Vista password
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