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Forum » SPORT » Sve o sportu.. » FILA announced weight categories for 2016 Olympics
FILA announced weight categories for 2016 Olympics
froost Post broj: 1 - Srijeda, 08.01.14, 12:14
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FILA announced weight categories for 2016 Olympics

International Federation of the combined styles of combat announced weight categories , which will operate at the Olympic Games in 2016 , the official website of FILA.

The need to define new boundaries by weight athletes appeared after FILA this year decided that the Olympic Games since 2016 in freestyle and Greco -Roman and women's wrestling will be six weight categories - instead of the previous seven have " freestyle " and "classics" and four women.

As for competitions held under the auspices of FILA, including world championships and continental championships , World Cups and Golden Grand Prix , then they will be added to two weight classes for men in wrestling ( 61 kg to 70 kg) and in Greek -Roman ( 71 kg , 81 kg ) and women's wrestling ( 55 and 60 kg) .

Changes also were made and rules of struggle . For example, the match will be stopped when the advantage of one of the contestants in 10 points in freestyle wrestling and 8 points - in the Greco -Roman . Changes will take effect from 1 January 2014.

Thus , athletes will compete at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in the following categories :

Freestyle wrestling : 57 , 65, 74, 86 , 97 and 125 kilograms;

Greco-Roman : 59 , 66, 75, 85 , 98, 130 kilograms;

Women's wrestling : up to 48 , 53, 58 , 63, 69, 75 pounds.
Forum » SPORT » Sve o sportu.. » FILA announced weight categories for 2016 Olympics
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