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Cetvrtak, 19.01.17
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bingobongo Post broj: 5191 - Cetvrtak, 11.12.14, 01:45
Poruka: 1139
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I tried all ip's but no way to find a good HD stream.
Someone can do that?
I'm looking for HD ita.

Unfortunately I can't reveal anything about Italian stuff streaming. It's too risky, because of the heavy (and in my opinion exaggerated) mediatic censorship existing in my country: a few months ago, Italian police were even ordered to blacklist V-Kontakte (my favourite social network), for the only reason they found on their servers a Christmas movie co-produced by Silvio Berlusconi!...

This kind of censorship almost reminds me of Middle-East countries, when they ban social networks for offending religion.
The only difference - compared to Middle East censorship - is that in Italy they blacklist whole sites when they find a copyrighted content (or simply when they find the mention to a copyrighted stuff).

I can only say that it's very difficult (although not impossible) that Italian connections work well with Enigma 2 streams, because Enigma 2 needs at least 4-5 mbps of upload speed, while the most popular and widespread Italian connections can reach a maximum speed of 1 mbps.

But some North Italian internet providers (unknown to most people for being not commercialized and for having a restricted geographical coverage) seem really able to provide fiber optic with the same upload speed rate as North European countries.

Poruku je uredio: bingobongo - Cetvrtak, 11.12.14, 01:55
Ni Post broj: 5192 - Cetvrtak, 11.12.14, 13:38
Poruka: 72

Poruku je uredio: Ni - Cetvrtak, 11.12.14, 13:38
tommy790390 Post broj: 5193 - Cetvrtak, 11.12.14, 13:46
Poruka: 6
interessante quello che dici bingo bongo , non per la questione del webif , ma semplicemente perche' sappiamo che almeno qualche piccola azienda si muove a dare servizi di connessione decenti
KinkyKing Post broj: 5194 - Cetvrtak, 11.12.14, 17:23
Poruka: 63
Who can help me im looking for BRASILIAN (SOUTH AMERIKA)
KinkyKing Post broj: 5195 - Cetvrtak, 11.12.14, 17:28
Poruka: 63
Status: russian rus rus rus rus rus rus rus rus rus rus rus rus rus
KinkyKing Post broj: 5196 - Cetvrtak, 11.12.14, 17:37
Poruka: 63
Status: rus rus rus rus rus rus rus/de/fr/ rus rus rus
moro_musa Post broj: 5197 - Cetvrtak, 11.12.14, 19:29
Poruka: 80
vvaz24 Post broj: 5198 - Cetvrtak, 11.12.14, 19:42
Poruka: 63
Any Portuguese ones?
Maemees Post broj: 5199 - Petak, 12.12.14, 14:48
Poruka: 29
Russian/Ukraine/English: http://sh.st/iFapY
Latvian/Russian: http://sh.st/iFagW
Russian/Ukraine: http://sh.st/iFalN
Latvian/Russian: http://sh.st/iFabu
Latvian/Russian/Ukraine: http://sh.st/iFaTt
Russian/Ukraine: http://sh.st/iFaDo
Russian: http://sh.st/iFaV0
Latvian/Russian/English: http://sh.st/iFa4t
Russian/Ukraine: http://sh.st/iFa78
Russian/Ukraine: http://sh.st/iFse1
Russian: http://sh.st/iFsyQ

Enjoy working dreamboxes.
ah123654789 Post broj: 5200 - Nedjelja, 14.12.14, 18:08
Poruka: 17
vvaz24 Post broj: 5201 - Nedjelja, 14.12.14, 20:17
Poruka: 63
Any Portuguese Webibfs/Dreamboxes?
muhammedisa21 Post broj: 5202 - Nedjelja, 14.12.14, 21:35
Poruka: 190
Please moviemaxturk
muhammedisa21 Post broj: 5203 - Nedjelja, 14.12.14, 21:38
Poruka: 190
Please Sinema-TV 1001
elsanto1 Post broj: 5204 - Ponedjeljak, 15.12.14, 00:46
Poruka: 207
muhammedisa21 Post broj: 5205 - Ponedjeljak, 15.12.14, 22:20
Poruka: 190
Bingobongo please turkey-turksat
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