Petak, 22-Nov-2019
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Forum » TV I RADIO » Internet radio i TV » IPTV Bird (IPTV US/UK/SKY/SKY DE HD/DE/AT/CH/RU/AL/AR/AU)
IWillMakeHistoryToday Post broj: 1 - Cetvrtak, 27-Oct-2016, 15:48
Poruka: 141
We offering you THE BEST IPTV solution,more than 860 channels,more than 190 HD and FULL HD channels.
Our channels is stabile,we have own stream from our STB and DB devices.
Our customer support for VIP users is available 24/7,365 days on Skype,and some our forums.
Our customer service for BASIC users is available 06/18(CET),365 days on Skype,and some our forums.
We have 6 servers in 6 countries,thats how we guarantee best iptv solution.
We dont offer subscription packages for more than 1 month,because if you not satisfied with our service,you don"t need to buy next month.

You can select from our packages:
1 month BASIC*=20,95$-Paypal,Skrilll,Paysafecard
1 month BASIC* with VOD=23,65$-Paypal,Skrill,Paysafecard
*=In Basic package,you will have 560 SD and 36 FULL HD/HD channels(without sport channels).
1 month VIP=26,00$-Paypal,Skrill,Paysafecard
1 month VIP with BIG(650 movies in Full HD) VOD=39,66$-Paypal,Skrill,Paysafecard.

You can request TRIAL(72h) line of selected package(VIP or BASIC) for your devices from me,here on PM.
Please note: Every day we receive a huge number of requests for trial lines, to prevent overloading the servers, it may take up to 3 days before you receive your test lines.
WARNING:No reshare,you can watch your line on only 3 devices from same IP,but watching from more IPs is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN,and your line has been BANNED automaticially.

If you LIKE this post,please say thanks by giving me +1 Reputation.Thanks

Poruku je uredio: IWillMakeHistoryToday - Cetvrtak, 27-Oct-2016, 15:56
Forum » TV I RADIO » Internet radio i TV » IPTV Bird (IPTV US/UK/SKY/SKY DE HD/DE/AT/CH/RU/AL/AR/AU)
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